Wisconsin CoHost offers the best client services

Wisconsin CoHost offers the best client services of any short-term rental management company! Beginning with a complementary phone call, Wisconsin CoHost’s client services are with you from beginning to end, with every guest booking.  From a consultation at your short-term rental, to writing and managing your listings, guest communications, concierge services, Wisconsin CoHost has everything you need to ensure your guests have a great time staying at your short-term rental!


During our on-site consultation, we offer our professional advice on your short-term rental.  If you ever wondered whether your short-term rental has the amenities, furnishings and comforts, your guests are looking for; this is where Wisconsin CoHost can help.  We will offer our professional advice on all aspects of your short-term rental. 

There are many reasons we require these on site consultations.  As one might imagine, writing a listing for a specific location you have never been to before is difficult.  Seeing the appeal, charm and amenities of your short-term rental allows us to write a more accurate, detailed listing for your short-term rental.  Meeting you, the owner is helpful to us as well. Meeting you allows Wisconsin CoHost to accurately write your listing with the assurance of the attention to detail you; the homeowner will be providing to the client.  Good communication and relationship between Wisconsin CoHost and you, the owner, is instrumental to all of our successes! Just one more way Wisconsin CoHost offers the best client services! For more information on consultations click here


Wisconsin CoHost can help you with listing and posting your short-term rental property.  Finding the right words to accurately describe why your short-term rental is the best place for your guest to stay can be tricky.  The listing is an integral part of not only getting your short-term rental noticed and rented out, but also receiving top dollar for your short-term rental!   Let the professionals help you write the best listing to rent your short-term rental.  Contact Wisconsin CoHost today to get started! Just one more way Wisconsin CoHost offers the best client services! For more information on listings click here

Guest Communication:

Guest communication can be a large factor in the overall happiness of our guests stay.  Guest communication begins with your short-term rental listing and does not stop until our guest returns to their home after their stay.

Keeping your guest informed, up to date, welcomed, and excited about their stay before during and after the stay at your short-term rental will make them excited to return! In addition, a happy guest will leave a good review, which in return communicates with your future guests!  Wisconsin CoHost knows how critical good guest communication is to having a happy guest and a repeat guest! Just one more way Wisconsin CoHost offers the best client services! For more on guest communication click here.

Concierge Services:

Concierge services at your guests fingertips.  That is what Wisconsin CoHost does!  There are many reasons a guest books our short-term rental.  Finding something to do while staying at your short-term rental should not be a strain on you. The key to a happy guest often lies the in experiences they have while staying in your short-term rental.  Let Wisconsin CoHost help in being the concierge services your guest’s desires! Just one more way Wisconsin CoHost offers the best client services!  For more on concierge services click here

Why Wisconsin CoHost:

Why Wisconsin CoHost?  Why, Wisconsin CoHost has experience! Wisconsin CoHost has experience in ALL aspects of short-term rentals and vacation rentals!  Leave the details to the professionals at Wisconsin CoHost to list your rental, communicate with your guests, consult about your rental, and offer your guests the best service including concierge service.  While you enjoy the benefits!

When you become our client, your guests become our guests. Wisconsin CoHost strives for happy clients and happy guests. Call Wisconsin CoHost today, and let us help with your short-term rental properties. For more on why Wisconsin CoHost click here.

Best client Services:

The staff at Wisconsin CoHost are travelers as well as short-term rental owner/operator.  We understand what it takes to stop the scrolling, to communicate with the client before, during and after their stay, including concierge services.  We at Wisconsin CoHost are here for you, our happy client, as well as your happy guest.  With client services like this, what is stopping you from contacting Wisconsin CoHost today?

With the Best Client Services like this, what is stopping you from contacting Wisconsin CoHost today?