Wisconsin CoHost offers on-site consultations

As part of our professional services, Wisconsin CoHost offers on-site consultations.  A consultation at your short-term rental property is a requirement in hiring Wisconsin CoHost as your short-term rental management company.  There are many reasons we require these on site consultations.  As one might imagine, writing a listing for a specific location you have never been to before is difficult.  Seeing the appeal, charm and amenities of your short-term rental allows us to write a more accurate, detailed listing for your short-term rental.  Meeting you, the owner is helpful to us as well. Meeting you allows Wisconsin CoHost to accurately write your listing with the assurance of the attention to detail you; the homeowner will be providing to the client.  Good communication and relationship between Wisconsin CoHost and you, the owner, is instrumental to all of our successes!

As part of our on-site consultation, we offer our professional advice on your short-term rental.  If you ever wondered whether your short-term rental has the amenities, furnishings and comforts, your guests are looking for; this is where Wisconsin CoHost can help.  We will offer our professional advice on all aspects of your short-term rental. 

When you hire Wisconsin CoHost as your short-term rental management company, you are also getting a concierge service for your guests.  Once we have visited your on site location for your short-term rental, Wisconsin CoHost can get to work on adding activities on things for your guests to do when they stay at your property.  We want your guest to have a great time when they stay in your short-term rental, just as much as you do!

Booking an on-site consultation means, you have decided to pursue Wisconsin CoHost as your short-term rental management company!  For the low fee of $285.00, Wisconsin CoHost will come to your location to see about helping you create a revenue stream for you from your short-term rental.  The $285.00 fee is to be paid at the time of booking this consultation.  For consultations outside of the Madison area, an additional trip charge of $35 per half hour will be added for travel.

It’s time for Wisconsin CoHost to begin managing your short term rental property