Guest communication can be a large factor in the overall happiness of our guests stay.  Guest communication begins with your short term rental listing and doesn’t stop until our guest returns to their home after their stay.

As mentioned, guest communication begins with your short term rental listings.  Having a detailed, descriptive listing for your short term rental is the starting point of good communication. How informative and detailed your listing is will give the guest an idea of how well and organized the communication will be during their stay.  Upon noticing and reading your short term rental listing your client may have questions.  Clients may have questions about the location of your short term rental, things to do in the area, the amenities, about the booking process, available dates, or possibly about your policies, like pets.  In the short term rental industry it is critical that we have a fast reply to questions from our guests.  Wisconsin CoHost can write and post your detailed short term rentals listings, as well as answering guests questions all through the process.

Guest communication begins with your listing, and continues through the booking process, before they even arrive at your short term rental.  Good communication needs to continue while your guests are staying with you, and even after they have left your short term rental. 

Guest Communication

Keeping your guest informed, up to date, welcomed, and excited about their stay before during and after the stay at your short term rental will make them excited to return! And a happy guest will leave a good review, which in return communicates with your future guests!  Wisconsin CoHost knows how critical good guest communication is to having a happy and repeat guest!

It’s time for Wisconsin CoHost to begin managing your short term rental property