Short Term Room Rental


Short Term Room Rental

How to set up a short term room rental in your home

Renting out a room in your house on a short-term basis can be a great way to earn extra income.

Let Wisconsin CoHost guide you through the process to get your short term room rental up and running smoothly.

Overview of renting out a room in your home as a short term rental and the benefits it can provide.

We have a modest home here that we use for Short Term Rentals in Waupun Wisconsin. This

Great Outdoors Themed Room
Victorian Themed Room
Great Outdoors Jr Themed Room

Choose the right room to rent out

Set your nightly rate

Prepare the room and common areas

  • Consider size, amenities, privacy
  • Make any necessary upgrades or changes
  • Furnish appropriately for guests
  • Research comparable listings in your area
  • Factor in expenses like utilities and cleaning
  • Decide on minimum stay requirements
  • Make the room clean, comfortable and inviting
  • Provide fresh linens, towels, toiletries
  • Clear out space for guests in common areas
  • Set house rules and post them

Get legal permissions

Market your listing

Manage bookings and logistics

  • Check zoning laws and HOA rules
  • Make sure your insurance covers short term rentals
  • Consult an accountant about tax implications and benefits
  • We create listings on platforms like Airbnb and our own website for you
  • We will rite an attractive title, description, and list amenities
  • We will respond promptly to booking inquiries and questions
  • We set up a calendar and booking system
  • We arrange check-in/checkout times
  • We collect payment
  • We communicate with guests as needed

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Wisconsin CoHost – About Us


The staff of Wisconsin CoHost are not only short-term rental owners ourselves we are also travelers. When we travel across the country, where do we stay?

Well, other people’s short-term rentals of course! 

 Wisconsin CoHost – About Us – Who better to manage your short-term rental or vacation rental than a group of people who work and play in this industry?  Our knowledge of short-term rentals does not stop there.  Wisconsin CoHost networks on line and in person with people all over the nation who are in this industry as well. 

As short-term rental owners and managers ourselves, we know all it takes to run a successful short-term rental.  From getting your property ready, listing your property, answering questions from prospective guests, and finally, getting that first booking!  Wisconsin CoHost understands the excitement that comes from getting that first booking and then waiting for that first client to arrive and hope they love our short-term rental as much as we do!  Wisconsin CoHost understands the hospitality involved the suggestions of things to do in your area, ensuring your guest has a wonderful stay.  Then there is the cleaning between guests, leaving the review, getting things ready for the next client.  Listing our short-term rental again.  When will it book next? We understand the (sometimes endless!) communicating with guests.  Wisconsin CoHost knows all the ins and outs of short-term rentals.  Many short-term rental owners try to manage all of these things on the side.  Which can become exhausting!  Between full time jobs, family, and other commitments running your short-term rental can easily slide down the list of priorities.   This is where Wisconsin CoHost comes in to help!  Let our professional services work for you!  Enjoy more time with your family and let your short-term rental make money for you, with Wisconsin CoHost’s help.

We at Wisconsin CoHost know Wisconsin well.  As avid travelers ourselves, we enjoy experiencing what life and the community around us has to offer.  We have traveled much of the state ourselves, seeking out the tourist attractions, the non-tourists attractions, the local restaurants, the history, culture and nature our state has to offer.  As a result, our concierge services often come from places we have personally been to and can recommend based on personal experience with different locations throughout the state.  As people who like to travel, we at Wisconsin CoHost understand what other travelers may be looking for. Read more about our concierge services here.

Wisconsin CoHost has the advantage of knowing this industry as both a traveler who has stayed at plenty of short-term rentals, and a company that owns and manages short-term rentals of our own.  Adding to our knowledge the large networking group of  professionals across the nation in this industry, Wisconsin CoHost stays current with fresh ideas and current trends.  Join the growing group of short-term rental owners who already have Wisconsin CoHost managing their short-term rentals.  Click here to read more about our On-Site Consultations..  We look forward to hearing from you soon to discuss your short-term rental needs!

It’s time for Wisconsin CoHost to begin managing your short term rental property

    Wisconsin CoHost

    Welcome to Wisconsin CoHost
    Short term rentals – made easier
    We offer full service Short Term Rental (STR) property management

    Wisconsin CoHost
    Do you offer a home away for travelers?  Wisconsin CoHost offers full service property management for your vacation rental or short term rentals.  At Wisconsin CoHost, we have been renting out cabins since 2012, in addition to helping people rent out their cottages, cabins and homes since 2014.

    If you have ever thought about renting out your home, or just a space in your home as an Airbnb, or other short term rental, but do not know where to begin, let Wisconsin CoHost help you! 

     Perhaps you have already begun down the path of vacation rental, home or a spare bedroom, and you are finding that keeping up with the postings, the client questions, and calendar management is getting overwhelming.  If you are ready to let go of the stress of managing your home or short term rental, contact Wisconsin CoHost today.  We can help!

    For a Short Term Rental “STR”, or vacation rental owner or property manager, nothing is probably more terrifying than overbookings. Although capturing as many bookings as possible and filling your vacation rental occupancy calendar may be your ultimate goal, using several websites to advertise your rentals could lead to what is commonly known as vacation rental overbooking. You definitely would like to list your property(ies) on every booking platform to maximize your business exposure, but keeping an eye on each and every one of these platforms in order not to make a mistake is a stressful and a time-consuming job. 

    As seasoned short-term rental owners and managers, we at Wisconsin CoHost fully understand the multifaceted responsibilities that come with running a successful vacation property. From the initial preparation of the home to the final guest review, each step in the process requires meticulous attention to detail and a keen understanding of the hospitality industry.

    The excitement of that very first booking is palpable – the anticipation of welcoming guests into your meticulously curated space and hoping they’ll love it as much as you do. Then comes the crucial task of ensuring they have a wonderful stay, from providing personalized recommendations for local attractions and activities to promptly addressing any questions or concerns that may arise. And of course, no short-term rental experience is complete without the ritual of leaving a thoughtful review, both for the guests and the property itself. The cycle then begins anew as you relist your home, eagerly awaiting the next opportunity to share your little slice of Wisconsin with the world.

    However, the reality is that juggling all of these responsibilities alongside the demands of full-time jobs, family commitments, and other priorities can quickly become overwhelming for many short-term rental owners. This is where the expertise of Wisconsin CoHost truly shines. By entrusting the majority of the property management tasks to our seasoned professionals, you’re able to free up your time and energy to focus on the aspects you’re most passionate about – maintaining the pristine condition of your rental and ensuring your guests have an exceptional experience.

    While we handle the tenant screening, rent collection, and broader operational details, we firmly believe that the owner’s personal investment and intimate knowledge of the property is essential when it comes to the meticulous cleaning and prompt maintenance required to keep your vacation home in move-in ready condition at all times. This division of responsibilities allows us to provide a comprehensive, high-quality management solution that benefits everyone involved – you, your guests, and our team of dedicated professionals. It’s a true partnership approach that ensures your short-term rental continues to thrive, while you enjoy the freedom to spend more time with your loved ones and reap the financial rewards of your investment.

    Having a vacation rental or short term rental should be making you money, not causing you stress.  Let us handle the stressful stuff while you enjoy the money your rental property makes you.  What do you have to lose?  Besides some stress! Contact us today at Wisconsin CoHost.


    It’s time for Wisconsin CoHost to begin managing your short term rental property

      CoHost Process

      At Wisconsin CoHost, we pride ourselves on providing an exceptional customer experience from the very first interaction. Our process begins with a complimentary phone consultation, which allows us to start getting to know you and your unique short term rental needs. During this relaxed introductory call, we will inquire about key details regarding your property such as location, size, amenities, and your goals for joining the short term rental market. This is your opportunity to ask any preliminary questions you may have about our services or the short term rental industry in general. Our knowledgeable team is happy to provide guidance and insight to help you make the most informed decisions as you consider partnering with Wisconsin CoHost.

      After getting acquainted over the phone, we then proceed to an in-home consultation at your rental property. This on-site visit allows us to see firsthand the space you plan to rent out. We assess factors such as decor, layout, amenities, and overall ambiance. This helps us determine how to best showcase your property online in a way that will attract ideal guests. We also evaluate what preparations or improvements may be needed to optimize your rental. Our in-home consultations are completely collaborative, with your vision and goals at the forefront. We aim to provide honest, constructive feedback to help you succeed. This meticulous, customer-focused process allows us to craft customized management and marketing solutions tailored specifically to you and your distinctive short term rental from the very start. Our consultative approach sets the stage for a rewarding partnership.

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