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We offer full service Short Term Rental (STR) property management

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Do you offer a home away for travelers?  Wisconsin CoHost offers full service property management for your vacation rental or short term rentals.  At Wisconsin CoHost, we have been renting out cabins since 2012, in addition to helping people rent out their cottages, cabins and homes since 2014.

If you have ever thought about renting out your home, or just a space in your home as an Airbnb, or other short term rental, but do not know where to begin, let Wisconsin CoHost help you! 

 Perhaps you have already begun down the path of vacation rental, home or a spare bedroom, and you are finding that keeping up with the postings, the client questions, and calendar management is getting overwhelming.  If you are ready to let go of the stress of managing your home or short term rental, contact Wisconsin CoHost today.  We can help!

For a Short Term Rental “STR”, or vacation rental owner or property manager, nothing is probably more terrifying than overbookings. Although capturing as many bookings as possible and filling your vacation rental occupancy calendar may be your ultimate goal, using several websites to advertise your rentals could lead to what is commonly known as vacation rental overbooking. You definitely would like to list your property(ies) on every booking platform to maximize your business exposure, but keeping an eye on each and every one of these platforms in order not to make a mistake is a stressful and a time-consuming job. 

As a full service property management, we can help with consulting, staging advice, listing your properties in multiple platforms, figuring out competitive pricing, calendar management, client customer service and reviews, managing calendars as well as multiple listing sites.  Read more about what Wisconsin CoHost can do for you in services.  

Having a vacation rental or short term rental should be making you money, not causing you stress.  Let us handle the stressful stuff while you enjoy the money your rental property makes you.  What do you have to lose?  Besides some stress! Contact us today at Wisconsin CoHost.


It’s time for Wisconsin CoHost to begin managing your short term rental property