When it comes to the short-term rental and vacation rental industry, Wisconsin CoHost stands out as the clear choice for those looking to maximize the potential of their property. With unparalleled experience spanning all facets of this dynamic market, Wisconsin CoHost brings a level of expertise that is simply unmatched. From the intricate process of properly listing and advertising your rental, to the delicate art of communicating with guests and ensuring their satisfaction, the professionals at Wisconsin CoHost have quite literally “been there, done that.” Their deep well of knowledge allows them to expertly navigate the complexities involved, handling everything from pricing strategies and booking management to providing concierge-level services that elevate the guest experience. By entrusting your rental to Wisconsin CoHost, you can sit back and enjoy the fruits of their labor, reaping the benefits of increased bookings, higher revenues, and glowing reviews, all while they meticulously attend to the countless details that make for a truly successful short-term rental operation. Wisconsin CoHost’s unrivaled experience is your pathway to maximizing the potential of your property and achieving the optimal return on your investment. When it comes to short-term rentals, leave nothing to chance and put your trust in the seasoned professionals at Wisconsin CoHost.

Have you ever wondered if your short term rental is everything your guests are looking for?  Wisconsin CoHost offers consulting, at your property.  We will give our expert advice on what guests are looking for and what might be improved or changed to help get that perfect guest review! 

Wisconsin CoHost can help you with listing your property.  Finding the right words to accurately describe why your short term rental is the best place for your guest to stay can be tricky.  Let the professionals help you write the best listing to rent your short term rental.

As soon as Wisconsin CoHost lists your property, the questions begin as your listing is being noticed.  Wisconsin CoHost helps with communications and helping your clients get their questions answered with a quick response time.  Wisconsin CoHost offers great customer service to your guest throughout the entire booking process, while they stay as your guest, and beyond!

Wisconsin CoHost prides ourselves in working as a concierge service to all of our guests.  Not only do we want our guests to enjoy the accommodations, we want them to enjoy our cities as well.  Wisconsin CoHost can help with supplying your guests with local things to do in your area.  When our guests have a good time, they want to return.  And, when they return, we have a great suggestion on where to stay, right? 

Why Wisconsin CoHost

When you partner with Wisconsin CoHost as your short-term rental management service, your guests instantly become our guests as well. We take great pride in providing an exceptional hospitality experience for every individual who steps through the doors of your rental properties. From the moment they arrive, our team works tirelessly to cater to their needs and ensure their stay is nothing short of remarkable. We handle every aspect of the guest experience, from seamless check-ins to attentive concierge services. Our expertise in the local market allows us to anticipate your guests’ preferences and exceed their expectations at every turn. By taking the burden of property management off your shoulders, we free you up to focus on growing your investment portfolio while we deliver the high-caliber service that keeps your renters coming back time and time again. Call Wisconsin CoHost today, and you’ll soon discover the unparalleled benefits of entrusting your short-term rentals to our capable hands. Our proven systems, local knowledge, and commitment to excellence will transform the way you approach property management, elevating your rentals to new heights of success and profitability.

Cleaning and Maintenance

While we handle the majority of the property management responsibilities for our clients, there is one crucial aspect that we leave entirely in the capable hands of the property owner – the meticulous cleaning and prompt maintenance of the rental unit. This is a deliberate decision on our part, as we recognize that the owner is uniquely positioned to ensure the home or apartment is kept in pristine, move-in ready condition at all times. The owner’s personal investment in the property, combined with their intimate knowledge of its quirks and needs, allows them to address any cleaning or maintenance issues with a level of care and attention that we simply cannot replicate from afar. Whether it’s a thorough deep-cleaning before a new tenant arrives, or quickly responding to a leaky faucet or faulty appliance, the owner is able to swiftly and efficiently resolve these matters in a way that preserves the property’s value and keeps residents happy. By entrusting this hands-on aspect of property management to the owner, we are able to focus our efforts on the broader scope of our services – things like tenant screening, and rent collection. This division of responsibilities has proven to be an incredibly effective model, allowing us to provide a comprehensive, high-quality management solution while empowering the owner to maintain the pristine condition of their investment. It’s a true partnership approach that benefits everyone involved.

It’s time for Wisconsin CoHost to begin managing your short term rental property