Wisconsin CoHost – About Us

Wisconsin CoHost – About Us


The staff of Wisconsin CoHost are not only short-term rental owners ourselves we are also travelers. When we travel across the country, where do we stay?

Well, other people’s short-term rentals of course! 

 Wisconsin CoHost – About Us – Who better to manage your short-term rental or vacation rental than a group of people who work and play in this industry?  Our knowledge of short-term rentals does not stop there.  Wisconsin CoHost networks on line and in person with people all over the nation who are in this industry as well. 

As short-term rental owners and managers ourselves, we know all it takes to run a successful short-term rental.  From getting your property ready, listing your property, answering questions from prospective guests, and finally, getting that first booking!  Wisconsin CoHost understands the excitement that comes from getting that first booking and then waiting for that first client to arrive and hope they love our short-term rental as much as we do!  Wisconsin CoHost understands the hospitality involved the suggestions of things to do in your area, ensuring your guest has a wonderful stay.  Then there is the cleaning between guests, leaving the review, getting things ready for the next client.  Listing our short-term rental again.  When will it book next? We understand the (sometimes endless!) communicating with guests.  Wisconsin CoHost knows all the ins and outs of short-term rentals.  Many short-term rental owners try to manage all of these things on the side.  Which can become exhausting!  Between full time jobs, family, and other commitments running your short-term rental can easily slide down the list of priorities.   This is where Wisconsin CoHost comes in to help!  Let our professional services work for you!  Enjoy more time with your family and let your short-term rental make money for you, with Wisconsin CoHost’s help.

We at Wisconsin CoHost know Wisconsin well.  As avid travelers ourselves, we enjoy experiencing what life and the community around us has to offer.  We have traveled much of the state ourselves, seeking out the tourist attractions, the non-tourists attractions, the local restaurants, the history, culture and nature our state has to offer.  As a result, our concierge services often come from places we have personally been to and can recommend based on personal experience with different locations throughout the state.  As people who like to travel, we at Wisconsin CoHost understand what other travelers may be looking for. Read more about our concierge services here.

Wisconsin CoHost has the advantage of knowing this industry as both a traveler who has stayed at plenty of short-term rentals, and a company that owns and manages short-term rentals of our own.  Adding to our knowledge the large networking group of  professionals across the nation in this industry, Wisconsin CoHost stays current with fresh ideas and current trends.  Join the growing group of short-term rental owners who already have Wisconsin CoHost managing their short-term rentals.  Click here to read more about our On-Site Consultations..  We look forward to hearing from you soon to discuss your short-term rental needs!

It’s time for Wisconsin CoHost to begin managing your short term rental property